6 Ways Big Data is Changing Business

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1. Better Business Intelligence
Business intelligence is a set of data tools that is used to better analyse a business. It goes hand in hand with big data. Before the rise of big data, business intelligence was rather limited. Big data has given rise to business intelligence as a legitimate career.

2. More Targeted Marketing
Big data’s first big mark on businesses has been its creation of more targeted marketing. Big data has allowed businesses to create laser targeted marketing campaigns. This high accuracy allows companies to target marketing to perceived customer needs.

3. Proactive Customer Service
Big data can and will turn customer service upside down. Businesses can know exactly what their customers need before the customer even needs to voice their concern. This kind of proactive customer service will revolutionise business that desires to differentiate themselves based on superior customer service.

4. Customer Responsive Products
Big data promises to not only improve customer service by making it more proactive but also it will allow companies to make customer responsive products. Product design can be focused on fulfilling needs of customers in ways that have never been possible.

5. Efficiency Improvements
Industrial engineers are engineers of efficiency. They know that you can’t make a process more efficient without having data. Big data is supplying rich data about every product and process.

6. Reduce Costs
Big data has the power to provide the information needed to reduce business costs. Specifically, companies are now using this technology to accurately find trends and predict future events within their respective industries. Knowing when something might happen improves forecasts and planning.

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