AMPP’s CEO at London FinTech Conference


AMPP Group`s CEO at London FinTech Conference – the largest student-led financial technology conference in Europe.

The Fintech revolution is well and truly underway and London is the world leader. As the present boom in Fintech continues to be as much an opportunity as it is a threat for the financial services industry, London FinTech Conference is bringing together the people who are making things happen at the very forefront of this powerful and emerging wave of business. They are the pioneering people and companies harnessing the power of Fintech, taking on and shaking up archaic business models, creating innovative and disruptive products and services and traversing borders.

With a post Brexit world looming on the horizon, continuing predictions for rapid growth in the Fintech space and the seismic shifts taking place in financial services across the planet, the London Fintech Conference provides an opportunity for the evaluation of the current state of the market, the exchange of ideas and possible solutions to the challenges lying ahead and through much debate, the exploration of what the future of Fintech may hold.

The conference which took place on the in February 2017 reflected on topics such as the development of roboadvisors, usage of big data and blockchain technology, the transition of consumer banking and wealth management, as well as the implications for student entrepreneurs. Participants included TransferWise, Anthemis Group and Scalable Capital amongst many others.

BIG data and financial technology (FinTech) are innovative sectors which are evolving at a rapid pace. Both financial services companies and governments understand the importance of data and the need to upgrade in order to remain competitive and remain efficient.

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